General Screens 
Easy to Use Menu
AutoShopWiz uses a simplified menu system that allows you to be more productive and able to learn the system in minutes rather than days/months.   The entire program is accessible from this one menu and it will allow you to navigate in the program very easily.   From this menu you will also be able to receive updates with one click.   You can also connect to our Support Center from this screen by clicking on the Help and Support button.
Setup Options
You have complete control when it comes to customizing AutoShopWiz.   From the Setup Screen you can customize Company, Invoice, Sales, Inventory, Customer, Vehicle Maint.  Sched., and Program Options.   There are multiple options for each section, which allows you to adjust the way AutoShopWiz works.   It's all at your control !
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 Invoice Screens 
Invoices and More
The Invoicing Screen shows all the information you need to write an Invoice all on the same screen.   You can also write WorkOrders and Estimates from here as well.   Click the History button and you'll have an instant Customer/Vehicle History Report on your screen.   The Invoice program will automatically add Customers, Vehicles, Maintenance Schedules, and Inventory, automatically, without you having to jump from screen to screen.
Invoice Print Preview
This screen shows you the actual Printed Invoice.   Not only can the Invoice be Previewed on the screen before printing it, but all of the reports can too ! AutoShopWiz lets you preview each report so that you can save time and paper.   Once you're ready to print, just click the print button on the top left of each previewed report and it will go directly to your printer.
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 Customer Screens 
Complete Customer/Vehicle
Customer, Vehicle, and Vehicle Maintenance Schedules are located all on the same screen.   Vehicle Maintenance Schedules are automatically imported when a New Vehicle is Added and are automatically updated when keywords in the Invoice are used.   Individual Price Levels can be selected for each Customer.   There is also a separate Billing section and Notes areas for both Customer and Vehicle.
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 Inventory Screens 
Comprehensive Inventory System
All inclusive Inventory System features Item Information, Pricing, Locations, Quantities, ReOrdering, History, and Notes.   Each Inventory Item can contain up to 4 Primary Location Centers, 6 Price Levels, Category, Alternate Stock#, and more.   Inventory Quantities and History are automatically by the Invoice program.   AutoShopWiz automatically calculates Markup% and Gross Margin%.
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 Report Screens 
Exclusive Report Selector
Our exclusive Report Selector will allow you to Select and Customize Numerous Shop Management Reports.   There are Company and Financial Reports, Invoice Reports, Customer Reports, and Inventory Reports.   As you highlight each report, a sample of it will be displayed on the bottom right of the screen.   You will also see a report description as well as Criteria and Options specific to each report.
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